Money Matters for Vienna and Salzburg

What will I need to pay for on the trip?
Nearly everything you need is included in the trip cost with the exception of one meal each day and any alcoholic beverages.

What extra money should I bring?
You will definitely need money for the one meal a day that is not included in the trip and for whatever you want to drink with lunch and dinner. You will also need money for any additional concerts or operas you wish to attend and for any souvenirs or gifts that you may wish to purchase.

How should I bring money?
Today, most travelers use ATMs. The ATMs in Austria work with most American credit or bank cards. Traveler’s Checks are less popular. I highly recommend that you contact your credit card or ATM companies before the trip to tell them where and when you are traveling abroad. This often avoids having problems with security when you make a purchase “out of the norm.” Salzburg and Vienna both have American Express offices in central locations, which can be very helpful for travelers.

What is there to buy in Austria?
Austria is the home of world-famous Swavorski Crystal. Many visitors choose to purchase the famous Sacher Torte or delicious Austrian chocolates. If you wish to bring home some Mozart Kugeln (delicious chocolate balls), Dr. Nelson will tell you where in Vienna to buy them. They are less expensive in Vienna’s food stores then in Salzburg’s tourist shops.

What is the current exchange rate with the Euro?
There are lots of sites that provide this information. In Mozart’s Footsteps prefers XE.

Lamborghini at Vienna's Hotel Sacher

First class all the way - a Lamborghini in front of Vienna's Hotel Sacher

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