Music Lover’s Tour of Salzburg, Vienna and Prague, September 6-17, 2023


  • 4 days in Salzburg
  • 5 days in Vienna
  • 3 days in Prague
  • Vienna State Opera House
  • Two Mozart Museums: Birth House and Wohnhaus
  • “The Sound of Music” Tour in Salzburg
  • Many sites where “The Sound of Music” was filmed
  • Prague’s St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge
  • Vienna’s Collection of Historic Musical Instruments
  • Walking tour of Beethoven’s Heiligenstadt
  • Tours of each city led by local guide

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Musical Tours to Vienna

The Lake Country of Austria is just a short distance from Salzburg. You will visit this scenic area during the “Sound of Music” tour.


  • Mozart of the major performances in Vienna and Prague have not yet been announced. The 2023-24 Season is usually published in June or July. This web page will be updated as performances are finalized.
  • These are the performances we already have reserved:
  • Mozart Dinner & Concert in Salzburg’s Peterskeller
  • Chamber Concert in Mirabell Palace in Salzburg
  • Choral Mass in Salzburg’s Cathedral
  • Staatskapelle Dresden Orchestra in Musikverein in Vienna (tickets are not yet on sale, but have been requested)
  • Once the September performances are announced, we expect to acquire tickets to several more performances, including those at:
  • Vienna: State opera, Volksoper, Musikverein, Konzerthaus
  • Prague: Rudolfinum, Estates Opera House, National Theater, Prague State Opera House
  • Please read the “Information about the Performances on the Itinerary” on the Terms and Conditions page.

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Salzburg Cathedral. We'll attend mass here that includes an excellent choral performance.

Salzburg Cathedral where Mozart was baptized. We’ll attend an excellent choral mass here.

What’s Included in the Price

  • 12 nights in 4-star hotels
  • Transportation from Salzburg to Vienna and from Vienna to Prague
  • Public transportation passes in Vienna and Prague
  • Tickets to the performances listed above
  • Walking tours in each city led by local guides
  • All museum admissions listed in the itinerary
  • In the first day full day in Salzburg and Vienna, we will provide all three meals; two meals a day (breakfast and lunch, or breakfast and dinner) will be included on the other days.
  • Group lunches and dinners will include one drink per person: beer, wine, bottled or tap water, soft drink. Subsequent drinks can be ordered and paid for individually. No refunds if a drink is not ordered, sorry!
  • Hotel and restaurant gratuities
  • Maps of each city
  • David Nelson’s guidance and assistance at all times
  • Copious amounts of fun
Vienna's Musikverein, one of the most historic concert halls in the world. We'll attend a concert there.

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Vienna’s Musikverein, one of the most beautiful and historic concert halls in the world. We’ll attend a performance there.


  • Wednesday, September 6. Opening dinner in Salzburg. Some may wish to arrive a day or two early, dependent on hotel space.
  • Thursday, September 7. Salzburg
  • Friday, September 8. Salzburg
  • Saturday, September 9. Salzburg
  • Sunday, September 10. Travel from Salzburg to Vienna.
  • Monday, September 11. Vienna
  • Tuesday, September 12. Vienna
  • Wednesday, September 13, Vienna
  • Thursday, September 14. Vienna
  • Friday, September 15. Travel from Vienna to Prague
  • Saturday, September 16. Prague
  • Sunday, September 17. Prague
  • Monday, September 18. Travel home


  • $3950 per person for the 12-day trip, double occupancy. The single-occupancy supplement for the 12-day trip is an additional $830.
  • Travelers desiring to do a shorter trip can join us for the Salzburg and Vienna portions. This 9-day tour costs $2995, double occupancy, with an additional $625 for the single supplement.
  • For those traveling alone, you may be placed in a double room with another person of the same gender traveling alone. Depending on who signs up for the trip, you may be in a double or a single room, and will still pay the double-occupancy price. The only guaranteed single rooms are for those paying the single supplement.

Book Your Trip

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  • Be sure to choose the options you want on the “Which Trip” menu.

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