Day 1 – Arrival in Prague

Welcome to the daily chronicles of my current trip. I am writing from Prague where I am doing some last-minute preparations before meeting my University of North Carolina at Greensboro students in Vienna for our annual Spring Break Music Trip. I’ll be in Prague and Vienna for five days before the group arrives, then we will spend eight days together. It’s a great way to spend spring break.

Illegal parking in Prague is not a good idea

Prague is a wonderful city, and it is so relatively quiet to visit in the off season. My first day consisted of buying transit passes for the students, checking out some restaurants, taking a walk up to the castle (“up” is the important word here, I’ll take the tram next time!), and trying to stay awake when my body wants sleep.

One sight I saw was the Prague Police using a winch to remove a can that was illegally parked. I wonder how many ticket that person had acquired. This is a nice car, too! And I saw the same thing happen several hours later. If you park in Prague, be careful.

Prague is great to wander at night. Here’s a photo I took of the Powder Tower next to the Obecni Dum, around the corner from my hotel.

The Powder Tower is around the corner from our hotel.

Day 2 is about to start. I will be checking out the Dvorak Museum, finding the famous Globe Bookstore and U Flecku Bar (one does not live on music alone), and taking in the sights of St, Vitus Cathedral.

Getting a good night of first night of sleep felt great, too.


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