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BachFest in Leipzig

Join us for an incredible week of Bach in June 2020. Information will be posted in August.

Mozart is Everywhere

No matter where you go in Salzburg you will see Mozart. The city lives and breathes music.

Where the Great Composers Lived

Experience where your favorite composers lived and breathed – their homes, neighborhoods, and meeting places. This is the sign outside of where Beethoven lived when we was 38.

Make New Friends and Have Fun

Meet new friends who share your love of music. You will learn a lot, experience wonderful music, and always have fun.

Attend the Finest Performances

We only attend the finest performances on our trips. These are not concerts for tourists!

Sixteen Going on Seventeen

When in Salzburg, you’ll experience where “The Sound of Music” was filmed and learn about the actual von Trapp family. And we ALWAYS visit the famous Gazebo.

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Whose Footsteps Do You Want to Walk In?

Experience the homes and history of your favorite composers. Select from the list.

Dr. David Nelson"There's something magical... when you feel music history come to life, then hear world-class performances in Europe's most famous concert halls and opera houses."
~ David Nelson, Founder

Upcoming Trips

Travel to Salzburg and Vienna in one of our 2020 tours. The musical performances you will hear are amazing!

For the Bach Lover, Leipzig is a must-see destination. The BachFest in June 2020 is one of the highlights of the musical year.

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Visit The Sound of Music Sites in Salzburg

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    I have never participated in such a well-planned program. Great local food and lodging.

    Jane Shattuck, Pensacola, FL

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