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One of David Nelson’s passions is writing about the wonderful musical sites and history he takes his groups to experience on In Mozart’s Footsteps tours. His interest in this kind of writing began in the 1990’s when he wanted to buy a good guide to the musical sites of Vienna, but, he soon realized, no such guide existed that was user-friendly.  He always wanted to write a book, so he started researching and writing. David is still doing this today!

Vienna for the Music Lover is his first book. It is a thorough guide to the historical musical sites, the performance halls and opera houses, and the performing ensembles. It was jointly published in 2006 by Christian Brandstätter Verlag and Doblinger Musikverlag, both in Vienna. Initially published in editions in English and German, it was translated into Chinese in 2008. There are only a few copies of this book remaining for purchase today. See the How to Purchase page for information.

Vienna Music Guide is Nelson’s second book on the musical sites and performances in Vienna. This is a handy guide that you can take with you as you explore musical Vienna. It was published in 2013 by Doblinger Musikverlag in editions in English and German. David also did the photography for it.

Salzburg Music Guide is a companion book to the Vienna Music Guide. Mozart, The Sound of Music, Silent Night, the Salzburg Festival, and the beautiful Salzkammergut are prominently featured. It will be published by Doblinger Musikverlag in English and German in late 2013.

David Nelson has also written many short articles on sites and events that one can experience on the tours. These articles are found in the blog pages. Try doing a search for your favorite composer in the search box in the upper right corner!


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