Day 2 – Indoor pictures when it rains in Prague

For all the best organized plans to see wonderful things in a foreign city, rain sometimes gets in the way. Today saw a mild to moderate drizzle the whole day on top of fairly chilly temperatures, not cold enough for snow, but not much warmer.

So today turned out to be a day of checking out restaurants, making reservations, riding public transportation, and staying dry inside of the magnificent St. Vitus Cathedral in the center of the Prague Castle.

Prague's St. Vitus Cathedral

Prague’s public transportation is fast and efficient, and best of all on a day like today, dry. Subways are come every few minutes and connect with most parts of the city. When you combine taking trams around, you can get within a few blocks of almost anywhere you need to go in the central part of the city.

Subway stations are also great to photograph. When you walk to the end of a platform, you can make the lines disappear into the blackness of the tunnel.

It’s also fun to experiment with a long exposure to show the train in motion. Be sure to get to the end of the platform where the train will arrive moving quickly and show down your shutter speed. This shot used a quarter second exposure and a rear-curtain flash – you can see the driver as if he is not moving.

Hopefully tomorrow the weather will allow for some outdoor photography. But if it doesn’t, I guess I’ll just have to get wet.

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