Day 5 – Last minute preparations and meals with friends

Today was the final day for me to get everything done before the students arrived: getting Euros to give to them when they arrive, finding a restaurant in Grinzing for a lunch, picking up tickets for the Vienna Boys Choir, and printing itineraries and rooming lists.

Vienna's Votive Church, taken from one of the large tram stations. Old and new are always meeting in Vienna.

It was also a day to meet with some old friends. I had lunch with Dr. Rudolf Hopfner, the Director of the Collection of Ancient Musical Instruments (a wonderful collection, by the way). We ate at a lovely Italian restaurant where I will take the students Saturday night. In the U.S., we think of Italian as one of the  favorite restaurants in which to eat. It is similar here, but then I realized that Italy is right next to Austria. It gives it a different light.

Dinner with with two very good friends, Christa and Peter. I first met them in New Orleans when Peter taught at the university there about ten years ago. We went to Greek restaurant that I must have walked by a hundred times. The food was very good. I should have eaten there sooner!

It was also a gorgeous day, which made for some nice pictures.

The students arrive tomorrow which will be exciting. I need to shift from planner to guide!

The Austrian Parliament with the top of Vienna's City Hall in the background. These are just some of the magnificent buildings along Ringstrasse.


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