Vienna’s Magnificient Karlskirche

The Karlskirche (St. Charles Church) is Vienna’s great Baroque Church. For the music lover, several interesting stories took place here.

When Mozart was quite young, he contracted Scarlet Fever during a trip to Vienna. Once he began to recover, his father, Leopold, took the talented child for a walk around the church to give him some fresh air. Leopold documents this in a letter.

The memorial service for Anton Bruckner was held here on October 14, 1896. Brahms arrived late, and then did not choose to stay, saying “Never mind, soon my coffin”. He died six months later.

On my current trip to Vienna, in addition to finishing my next book on the musical sites, I am taking some final photographs for the publication. I had not taken some good shots of the inside of Karlskirche, and today was the today. It is right before Christmas, and there was lovely creche just waiting to be photographed!

Here are some of today’s pictures.

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