Brahms’s and Johann Strauss’s Teeth Stolen!

Johannes Brahms’s grave

A bizarre event in the musical world occurred in the last few days. Authorities in Austria have reported that someone broke into the graves of Brahms and Johann Strauss, Jr. in Vienna’s Central Cemetery and stole their teeth.

The self-confessed thief is Ondrej Jajcaj. In a video on YouTube, he says, “And now, we come to the major pedestal. On the top are the teeth of Johann Strauss Jr. To the left there are dentures of his wife Adele Strauss. To the right, we have rubber prosthesis of Johannes Brahms.”

I have been to these graves dozens of times and have taken hundreds of travelers there, and I find it remarkable that someone could get to the remains of these great composers. Each grave is covered with a heavy stone cover.

Johann Strauss, Jr.’s grave

As a colleague of mine at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro said, “What is this world coming to?” I agree wholeheartedly!

BUT… this was not the first time the remains of a dead composer were taken. Click HERE to see the story I wrote about how Haydn’s skull was stolen.

Truth IS stranger than fiction.

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2 Responses to Brahms’s and Johann Strauss’s Teeth Stolen!

  1. Fall Brahms und Strauss dental prosthetic:
    Ist Herr jajcaj exemplarische nekropsychopate ? Oder nur Judisch Raubier ?
    Oder, konnte diese merkwurdige Tat anderen hintergrund haben ???

    Besonder ilustrativ ist stand der grufte in Judische Abteilung Zentral friedhof Wien – 95% der grufte ist ausgeraubt!!! Totengraber und auch goldjager nich schlafen…

    Herr David Nelson komfabulation ist keine edel eigenschaften !!!

    NICHT Moralisation aber beobachten und erforsch !!!

    Bitte toleriern meine imitation Deutsch sprache, Danke
    ondrej jajcaj – Ost block gruft raubier und schmuzige Jude (In Ostereichisch Anschluss meine alt Vater…)

  2. David Nelson says:

    I am quite interested that Mr. Jajcaj, who claims to have stolen the teeth, responded to my blog. Here is a translation of Mr. Jajcaj’s comment:

    In the case of Brahms’s and Strauss’s teeth.
    Is Mr Jajcaj an example of a necro-psychopath? Or only a Jewish robber?
    Or, can these strange actions have another background?
    Particularly illuminating is the fact that the tombs are in the Jewish section of Vienna’s Central Cemetery – 95% of the graves have been ransacked. Neither grave-diggers nor gold hunters are sleeping.
    Mr. David Nelson’s confabulation is without virtue.
    Do NOT claim the moral high ground, but watch and find out/research. (NICHT Moralisation aber beobachten und erforsch !!!)
    Please tolerate my imitation of the German language, Thanks.
    Ondrej Jajcaj – Eastern block grave robber and dirty Jew. In the Austrian Anschluss my old father….

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